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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ratu Pearls by Zawara~

Nice Dress right?


you can wear it with any cloth..

mix and match!

i like it!

you? if yes you can purchase it using online..

only clicks link below...

His convo! Finally he got his scroll...

me? waiting for 1 and half year to finish.. huh!

rose flower for him...

birthday & convo gift!

congrate sweetheart!

She turn to 10 month!

She already turn to 10 month..

tp baru nk update.. huhu apelah ibu ni...

sorry ye syg ibu bz sikit..

10 bulan ape yg amnie da bole?

*melangkah 3-4 tapak

*minum gune STRAW!


*ske main stereng kereta

*ske mandi laut/kolam

*main moto pink

so layan jelah gmbar kmu berusia 10 bulan..

cak! ok bye..